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  1. How do the COURAGEworks eCourses work?

    During the courses, participants will roll up their sleeves for hands-on, interactive explorations led by Brené. In each lesson, Brené guides you through reading assignments, lesson videos, exercise videos, and new ways to put the lessons into daily practices. It's a brave adventure.

    You will have full access to your courses and workbooks until 12/15/17.

  2. What are the required materials I will need for the eCourse?

    With each license purchased, you will receive an eWorkbook full of activities and exercises. You can complete the workbook online electronically to print once you've finished the activities or you can print it first to complete by hand (for those of us who still love the feel of paper in our hands).

    Once purchased, all course videos and the eWorkbook will be available online by accessing the eCourse site.

    Some courses may require or recommend assigned readings. You can purchase the books here.

  3. What if I’m having trouble logging in?

    For login purposes, we invite you to utilize either the email address associated with you account or the username you have created in the username box on the sign-in page. If it is with password that you are desiring assistance, please utilize the "Forgot your password? " option located beneath the sign-in button on the sign-in page. For additional assistance with login, we encourage you to start a conversation with us.

  4. How do I access my eCourses?

    You can access your purchased eCourses by clicking on either the My Classes button at the top right of the page, or by clicking on the My Classes link in the drop down under your username. Then click on Enter Class under the appropriate class.